About Schoch Dairy & Creamery

Schoch Dairy brings you award-winning quality pasture milk that is wholesome! All the milk we sell comes from the cows on our farm, unlike larger creameries. We bottle it in reusable, half-gallon clear-glass bottles. Milk in glass bottles tastes better than milk stored in paper or plastic containers. Our creamery is state-inspected and approved. Our milk is pasteurized, which kills harmful bacteria. However, it's not homogenized, so cream rises to the top of the bottle. You can mix the milk again by shaking the bottle before pouring. We do not sell raw, unpasteurized milk.

When you drive to the farm to pick up milk, you can usually see the herd grazing in the fields.

Season - Year Round

Dairy Products:

  • Farm Fresh Milk
  • Chocolate Milk

Other products at our farm store (as available)

  • Cheese made by Helvetia Creamery
  • Canned Grossen peaches
  • Eggs Pre Ordered ONLY & limited availability)

How to Buy:

Drive to the Farm - Open daily year round to pick up milk. Drive to the rear of the farm and milk is located in the fridges.                                   Please note, our cows are never 'forced' to produce, so very occasionally our supply runs out. 

CASH only. No credit cards accepted

How to be in Contact

Website: Schoch Dairy & Creamery




Schoch Dairy



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